5 Poems by Rose Knapp


Hera Coke Syn

Soza sazerac

~Sry Wang Van

Norton Nachts

Nichts Nostros

Add addictions

Blame Adamos

I don't ride wa

Ves I maki wavs

Nicht ride daemos

Gogs gags cops putas

Plato nix Sí no Morse

Capella Coppolas

Kop Kapa Kopayy

Caphiche werk?

Wtf ist das?

Bak 2 werk



Fame etc.




Rainy Vignyette

Little Largos

Keys to Havana

Nounst Nous

Cubist Cuba

Ist not cute

Add a fact:

When you

Run out of





All you wen\

Nah do is av

Sum fullest/

On Slasher\

Def com syv

Action out on

Your wet veins

Villanelle vowalls

Holla bak 2 PKK

Of da wrista Brits 2

Slaps bloods to bursts

Krypts 2 frozen frightags



Summa Habookkuk

Kant can't save

I admit saviors

Are boring but

Neoliberal ancient

Paradigms percist

Men Enlighten me

But neither kan

Barbados or Ken

What is it to be

Salve or is con

Tentment merely

Testament to worlds

Which love to be burnt

Content ad infinitum

Bores disintegrates

Like all relationslips

Splurges of words

Warped into merc

Mercantilism is


With Manifest

Destiny Added

On capitalism is


With Masses

Added on out

Of necessity

When needed

[When kneaded]

If you don't under

Stan this Id would

Probably be worried

I only spout this trite

Bullscheiße because

Baruch If I die tonight

You might also spin/

Think carefully

Tink see you

Later or on

The other

Side of-

De Sade

Do not

Be late

I know

Mein freunde

Who knows

Your Weber

Filtered Koran

Lines in & out

Better dannach

Thou salam ally



Sion ATSifa Re Vol U

Paro Dies bist far

Too much Ov Ten

Tel Parables wit out

Prax Xistantial pre

Para Precedence

Lawyers Av Nt U Hr

Doxa mining docks

Orwell paradigms

Kunt Kon Kuhnst

Parabelles bitch doxa

You know Dada drill

Or du u Proproietras?

Neo NLogos Bannon



SEO Lame Mao

Lmao you know


Fashion & music

Industries are

Out of ideas once

They have to

content farm &

Outsource poets

So as not to

Look like

They're just

Where the 1%

Blow their loads

Rose Knapp is a poet, producer, and multimedia artist. She has publications
in *Lotus-Eater, Bombay Gin, BlazeVOX, Hotel Amerika, **Gargoyle*, and
others. She has a chapbook forthcoming with Hesterglock Press.

She currently lives and works in Manhattan. roseknapp.net